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Software Gracindo

Transaction Process and Reporting at the Cashier Easier and Faster with
Cukcuk, Vertical POS and Quorion software from Gracindo

VTEC (Vertical POS)

VTEC POS Software helps businesses manage restaurants and retail efficiently and use Point of Sale (POS) solutions. With VTEC, receiving orders is faster and more accurate, reducing waiting times and making payment transactions easier.


TreeAMS is a software that offers a multi-unit business management system. TreeAMS will help business owners manage units/outlets that are either managed directly by the company or managed by a franchise. TreeAMS helps manage your company by completing the company’s operational system by digitizing SOPs, providing training, conducting audits, project management and will display accurate and actual data on the dashboard in real-time in one dashboard.


QUORiON is a POS system software made in German. QUORiON didn’t just create a POS system. We also offer a range of point of sale products and services to help you implement the optimal POS solution for your business.

Hardware Gracindo

Gracindo is the largest distributor that provides a variety of hardware supporting points of Sale for your business.


SENOR delivers touch POS all-in-one products to provide reliability, comfort and convenience. SENOR is present as a Point Sale solution for retail, commercial, hospitality, industrial and medical.