Back Office

Reliability with Web-based system, easy to control many outlets in multiple-brand in single platform.Ready to integrate with Enterprise Resource Planing such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Apac and many more.

Point Of Sale

Easy to use, with online inventory system and Kitchen System. Have new experience order with e-Waiter, e-Menu, e-Order, up to KiosK with cashless card-less payment with many variety promotion with e-Coupon and e-Voucher

Kitchen Display System

Can monitoring order in kitchen, avoid mess-up paper with countable production time until serve to customer. The data will be used in queuing system.

Online Inventory System

Do measurement a raw material by ingredient is not a impossible thing. Can control by outlets in back office with centralized data. Moreover system can control if outlet need raw material to another outlet

eLoyalty Management

Loyalty lets you form a deeper connection, Exactly system will make customers by getting closer with us. Moreover with multiple brand very possible to cross point, e-Coupon, e-Voucher

Queuing System

Spoil the customer by knowing how long they have to wait for a delicious menu to eat with system integrated with Kitchen Display System. through this system we can more control when peak hour


e-Waiter is an application for waiters. With this application waiter will be able to monitor every table in restaurant trough three phase of order: order taken, order delivered and order paid. It is integrated with POS and Kitchen.

Self-Ordering KiosK

Self-Ordering Kiosk is another application of Self-ordering thru a Kiosk machine. It will increase revenue, enhance customer experience and improve labor productivity. It is integrated with POS and Kitchen. It can be interfaced with with cashless card-less payment


An application used to streamline the ordering process. It takes order directly from customer through a tablet menu and integrated with POS and Kitchen. Customer can follow the order through the control panel for the easiest way of order management.


Where the customers will have instant access to the digital menu with the scan of a displayed QR-code in the restaurant, then put an order. The QR-Code Ordering is integrated with POS and Kitchen. The nicest part is customers no need to download any software in their device.

Interface to 3rd Party

Able to interface to any 3rd party application such as ERP, Accounting Software, Online Tax, Creditcard payment, Electronic Money, and others via API.